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PerfectMoney System Error

We have checked the PM website is error, the PM website is being upgraded, so the normal investment and withdrawal cannot be made.Please wait for a while, and the system will conduct automatic transfer as soon as PM returns to normal.

Best regards,
CyborgCoins LTD Management Team
Feb-15-2019 11:47:52 AM
CyborgCoins LTD is launch officially!
We are glad to announce that CyborgCoins LTD open to the public today.
Our firm is a business organization, limited liability company that involved in trading on the Forex, Cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Our team is composed of foreign exchange traders, investment experts and other high-quality analysts, who have more than five years of work experience and use their own experience and the latest software, can accurately predict the trend of the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market.

We have been operating successfully at home for more than two years, so we decided to offer our services to the world and work with us to create a better tomorrow.

Best regards,
CyborgCoins LTD Management Team
Feb-10-2019 10:47:38 AM